How old's your dog?

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How old's your dog?

Post  rg17 on Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:47 pm

saw a fun question on pet finder so decided to start a thread like that here too:

what's the oldest dog you own or ever owned?

I'll start. the oldest dog i've ever owned was a Pekingese named Buster, he died at 14 years of age. Ironically, he lived so long but was run over by our driver in the garage. i think he fell asleep under the tire. he was already weak but i think he still has a year or two left pa.
The oldest dog i own now is a Japanese Spitz named Luke after Luke Skywalker. i guess the force is strong in Luke coz he's 12 years old and still fights the other dogs. of course after the fight, ki-ang 2x lakat e. daw si Yoda sa movie. LOL. Smile

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