all about boston terrier

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all about boston terrier

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Boston Terrier Characteristics
The Boston Terrier is a devoted and well mannered breed, but enjoys playing and chasing balls in the outdoors. This breed adapts well to the country or to apartment living. They do what they were bred to do, and that is to love their owners - the Boston Terrier is a very affectionate dog!

The Boston has been known to have a stubborn streak, and some bark quite a bit. Having a short muzzle, breathing is harder for them and snoring is part of the package. They do not shed much and don't have a strong "doggy" odour.
Boston Terrier History
Boston Terrier History
Unlike most breeds, the Boston Terrier's ancestry is well known. Around 1865, coachmen of the wealthy in Boston began breeding their boss' dogs. One such crossing between a Bulldog and an English Terrier produced a dog named Hooper's Judge. His progeny was in turn bred to other dogs including the French Bulldog, and by 1889 his popularity had grown to such an extent that the American Bull Terrier Club was formed. This name did not sit well with Bull Terrier breeders, and he was named the Boston Terrier in recognition of his birthplace. A mere 20 years after the breed was born, he achieved American Kennel Club recognition. In the early years the markings of the Boston Terrier were not important, but by the 1900's his markings were his trademark.
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